The VON World Pens Hall is the unique pen center in which the following opearte:
A Museum for pens and other items used for writing
A boutique for pens (small shops) and
A club (coffe shop for collectors

Starting from the Museum the visitor will find himself before rare and unique pen items, inkpots, stamps/seals etc. dated to the 17th century until our times.
Her it must be pointedout that what makes it unique is that it represents  approximately all the companies manufacturing pens and not only that. Some items are unique in the world.
Nowadays in the collection there are over 500 items, which take the visitorback to pre Victorian times. In the area of the Museum  a small reading room has been set up in which the visitor will be able to go  through the history  of pen.


On the ground floor operate small shops with pens, lewarather and office items manufacture by te best known companies like AURORA, SHEAFFER, MARLEN, FABER CASTLL, DANI TRIO, PIQUADRO, NAVAetc.
In this area is shaped in such a way that the customer will have the possibility through the various books of the companied, to be informed about the products beforeending up with choosing.


This is located on the roof of the building. It is exquisitely arranged with a garden, table outside, a hall for shows and a coffe shop.
This area operates for collectors and people using the pen.


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